Brick Rental - 30 60 90 lbs Pounds FOR PARTY / EVENT / CONFERENCE
Brick Rental - 30 60 90 lbs Pounds FOR PARTY / EVENT / CONFERENCE
Brick Rental - 30 60 90 lbs Pounds FOR PARTY / EVENT / CONFERENCE

Brick Rental - 30 60 90 lbs Pounds FOR PARTY / EVENT / CONFERENCE

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Rent thousands of LEGO® bricks from!  We offer LEGO bricks for rental for birthdays, boy scout events, elementary school festivals, family days, corporate events and any other activity where a giant pile of LEGO would come in handy.  There is a rental request form you may fill in to apply to rent at the bottom of the page.  Your guests will build anything they can imagine using the enormous assortment of authentic LEGO® bricks, parts and pieces we offer!  Best of all – they can KEEP their awesome creations!  That’s right – our party rental package is a great activity AND party favor in one!

Rent our Giant Tubs of LEGO Bricks!

Rent our Giant Tubs of LEGO Bricks! We know you are curious about our service, so here are some of the more common questions that people have asked in the past:  


What do we get from when we rent your bricks? 

We supply all the fun! Each package contains a mixed lot of Lego pieces that span the entire range of what LEGO has produced over the years. Every lot is different simply due to the random nature of the Lego lots.  Your rental comes in a sturdy container, with a play mat for you to dump out the bricks so you can set up a stay and play area right in your own home.  This is also useful when it comes time to clean up and return the parts to the bin!  We also include our bingo game cards, suitable for a round of LEGO themed bingo for up to 15 party guests. What are your charges?  Our charges for the service are as follows:

  • Cost of renting LEGO ($40 for 30lb, $70 for 60lbs, and $100 for 90lbs)
  • Delivery fee for our service area ($25)
  • $12 per pound for missing LEGO parts and pieces
  • A holding Deposit which is refunded upon return of product ($50)

Please include a phone number or email when ordering and someone will contact you shortly to confirm your reservation for your Richmond Virginia area LEGO themed birthday party.

Do your rental lots come with base plates or Minifigures? 

Generally, no they don't. There may be some randomly in the lots, but if it is a requirement that you have base plates or minifigures for the party attendees, it would be a good idea to purchase some of the base plates and minifigs we have for sale over in our LEGO parts store.

How much LEGO product would I need?

Things to consider are:

  • How many of your guests are building at one time?
  • How long does each party attendee get to build?
  • Are you playing in several sessions through out your event?
For Example:
  • 3 groups of 10 kids. Total 30 kids. The party activity is to see which child can create the best LEGO creation and the winner gets a prize. Each building session lasts for 30 mins at 12pm. The second session starts at 1pm. Third session starts at 2pm. At the end of the party, a the attendees vote and a prize for the best creation is awarded.
  • How should we plan this? 10 kids playing for 30 mins may need 3lbs of LEGO on average per person. ie 30lbs total.
  • To reduce the amount of LEGO lot you require for the next 2 sessions, photograph the creations after the first session, the LEGO pieces can then be broken down for use in the 2nd and 3rd session. ie. You still only need 30lbs. Not 90lbs.
  • For parties with more than 10 attendees that elect to schedule free play rather than structured contests, we recommend our 60 pounds package of LEGO bricks.

Do you rent out specific LEGO sets?

No, we simply rent general lots of mixed Lego pieces in 30, 60 and 90 lb lots.

Can I choose what colors we rent?

No, our general lots are of mixed Lego pieces which come in all sorts of colors.

Can I choose to rent only bricks that are 2 dots x 4 dots?

Not at this time. We rent out general lots of mixed Lego pieces. There will be some bricks in the bin, but the quantity and color ratio would be unknown.

How do we return the Lego lot to you?

We will make return pick up arrangements with you over the phone, or at drop off time.

Keep what you want, return the rest. 

That's right!  When you return your bricks, there is a $0.75/oz fee deducted for the bricks you and your event attendees keep.  For example, if your party attendees wanted to keep their builds, the charge is effectively $12/lb for what they take home from your party.  Our party rental package and free downloadable LEGO games are the perfect start to a great party! Our brick rental period covers one 24 hour period and we will coordinate delivery times from our Glen Allen, Virginia location to suit your needs. If you're interested, please fill in the form below and someone will contact you shortly by phone or email.

Do you deliver to me?


Our delivery service area covers the shaded circle on this map; Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Lakeside, Mechanicsville, Tuckahoe, Northside, Wyndham, Short Pump, Innsbrook, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Richmond, Ashland, and Goochland.  A $25 delivery fee will be added to your order for delivery, or you may arrange self service pick up and in person drop off.      


The container(s) of bricks will be weighed before and after engagements. Differences in weight greater than 1 ounce will be deducted from your rental deposit refund at a rate of $0.75 per ounce, or $12 per pound.

Host is responsible for placing all bricks into original container(s) prior to pickup time and leaving containers where they were dropped off.

Health websites recommend periodic cleaning (soap & water) as needed or disinfecting (intermediate) non-oral toys. cleans and disinfects about every 5 engagements. Sheets are washed prior to every engagement. Connected bricks may not properly dry so some isolated wetness may occur and can be ignored.


The LEGO® items available for rental may include small parts that present a choking hazard and are not suitable for very young children.


These LEGO products include recycled and refurbished LEGO bricks, parts and pieces. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product. The LEGO Group is not liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of this product.

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