Downloadable Instructions for Building an Accent Table Lamp with Toy Bricks

Downloadable Instructions for Building an Accent Table Lamp with Toy Bricks

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Good Afternoon, LEGO friends!  Welcome back to Brickablocks, your one stop shop for handmade lego gifts and accessories!  

It's been a while since we shared any new instructions with you, so we would like to address that today by sharing a new project with you all.  If you feel like your living room, home office, or bedroom could use a fun and geeky makeover, building a lamp with LEGO bricks is a great way to start out.  Recently, we built a few round accent lamps with LEGO bricks for a friend - one in white and one in blue.  They turned out really well and we thought it would be neat to share a guide with you so you can make a LEGO lamp yourself!  

Our instructions file is available as a free download below, and it shows you how to make a "Blue Lamp".  Don't get discouraged by worry that you may not have enough blue in your LEGO collection though!  Feel free to get funky and jazz up your LEGO Lamp with any of the vibrant colors you are sure to find in your giant bin of LEGO bricks!  We encourage you to create something spectacularly unique for yourself, and we think you'll appreciate our new LAMP base instructions.  

Use the free PDF we link to below to build a lamp in the style of this rounded urn we just finished assembling in our studio.  The LAMP base is comprised of around 400 parts, which may be tough to find in one single color within your own LEGO collection, so do not be afraid to substitute colors to come up with something fun and geek-tastic!  

Round LEGO Lamp, Handmade in Blue 

Here are some shots from our assembly process.  You can see that we initially designed this unique handmade LEGO lamp within a digital design studio.  This helps us better understand the parts that we will need when we assemble for real, and cuts down on the in-build parts rummaging that can occur when you aren't adequately prepared to build.

How to design a LEGO Lamp

And here you can see the version we assembled in white.  These lamps were a huge hit at Christmas, which is when we gifted this pair to our friend.

Handmade LEGO Lamp, Round in White

So, without further delay, here is where you'll be able to download the pdf instructions file you can use to build this classic LEGO lamp!  

To download the instructions, add the item to your cart, and check out. We do not collect any payment information on this free item.   You can use our pre-assembled DIY Lego Lamp wiring kit to make your own lamp using your own LEGO collection.  


Thank you for stopping by, friends!

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