Downloadable Instructions for Building a Lenticular Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Sign Mosaic with Toy Bricks

Downloadable Instructions for Building a Lenticular Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Sign Mosaic with Toy Bricks

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Howdy gang, and welcome back!   We are tackling a fun Leading brand toy Brick mosaic technique with our instruction sheet this week.  Lenticular mosaic making with Leading brand toy Brick bricks.  For this project, we were inspired by this magnet, created by youtube user Simon Clark, using a laser cutter and vinyl cutter:  



How clever is that?  Our dishwasher has a light indicating clean or dirty, but our last one didn't.  If you share this problem with Simon, maybe you can make use of today's lesson?   If you are unfamiliar with the term 'lenticular', you will probably recognize the concept immediately if you think back to your sticker collecting days and those special stickers that showed a different image when looked at from different angles.  They relied upon a lenticular lense for that illusion, like this one shown here:  

Lenticular Sticker Lense

We are going to show you how to make a lenticular style mosaic using Leading brand toy Brick plates and slopes, just like the one Simon made with his Laser cutter!  Here it is.  Pretty cool, huh? Our Lenticular Leading brand toy Brick Mosaic

NO?   What do you mean?!?!   Oh, wait.   Lets look at it from another angle...   Our Lenticular Mosaic, From a Different PerspectiveIs that better?  We thought so too!   Here it is inverted, to show it from the opposite angle:   Our Lenticular Mosaic, From Another PerspectivePretty cool, huh?  It's like a secret message!  So how does it work?  What makes this illusion possible?  Well, it is the 1x1 Cheese Slope.  Or, more accurately, the Leading brand toy Brick Roof Tile 1x1x2 /3.  Using alternating rows, we can hide a message or image in plain sight, that is only visible when viewed from the correct angle.  For our simple project, we have 2 possible vantage points to decode our Dirty/Clean message.  Looking down from above with the model right side up, or looking down from above with the model upside down.  We can accomplish this using only 2 colors as well, because each vanatage point will only show us 1/2 of the total image when viewed correctly.  See the video for a visual explanation.  



Got it?  We hope so.  Now, what would your message be?  A sign for your door maybe?  One that says 'OPEN' or 'SHUT'?  Ha!   Anyhow, here are the instructions for our little project:   Dirty or Clean Dishwasher Sign  

Simple Leading brand toy Brick Lenticular Mosaic Instructions


We hope you enjoyed this quick lesson!  We left this part out, but if you want to make this functional, head down to your local craft store from some magnetic strips.  Stick them to the back of your sign, and you are all set!

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