Upcoming LEGO Set to Feature The Teen Titans - Jokerland (Set #76035)

LEGO will be releasing a DC Comics set later this year called 'Jokerland.'  The set number is 76035, however it is not listed for sale yet at shop.lego.com icon.  


LEGO 76035 Instructions Booklet Cover


LEGO 76035 Instructions Booklet Cover[/caption]   However, the build instructions have been posted online, which gives a pretty clear picture of what to expect.  This set features some great carnival themed builds, but we are going to focus on our favorite super hero team for this post.  The Teen Titans!  


Teen Titans Go! T\


The Jokerland LEGO set features Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire minifigures, so naturally the Robin in this set is being referred to as 'Teen Titans' Robin.  If you are a fan of the current Teen Titans iteration on The Cartoon Network, you may be disappointed that this Robin Minifigure features a Red torso, and not magenta.  The color pallette on the Teen Titans Go! television show is brighter.  Featuring Bright Green and Magenta hues instead of the more typical Green and Red.  


Teen Titans Go! Robin


Teen Titans Go! Robin[/caption]   Here is the instructions page that features this new version of Robin:


  Robin MInifigure set 76035 Jokerland  


As far as we can tell, the only characteristics we can see that could be viewed as a reference to the show are the hair piece (borrowed from last years Night Wing variant), and his staff.  Which he uses to clobber his fellow Teen Titans during his regularly scheduled Titans 'Staff' Meetings.  


Staff Meeting!  


Viewing the Beast Boy and Starfire minfigures, it is readily apparent that we are being presented with a classic Teen Titans interpretation, which is not that surprising since the DC Comics license that LEGO holds is unlikely to include the Titans in their Cartoon Network variation.




Here is the page that features Poison Ivy and Starfire:  

Starfire Minifigure - 76035 Jokerland

Starfire Minifigure - 76035 Jokerland[/caption]   And here is Beast Boy, with The Penguin: 

Beast Boy Minifigure - Set 76035 Jokerland


So, in one set, you can acquire 3 Teen Titans.  Starfire, Beast Boy, and Robin.  Cyborg is available currently in LEGO Set #76028 (Darkseid Invasion).

LEGO Cyborg Minifigure


LEGO Cyborg Minifigure[/caption]   No word on whether or not Raven will be released in any upcoming set.  However, we have an idea for making one of your very own.  It could cost you though!   Start with the purple cape available with Alien Villainess from LEGO Minifigures Series 8:  


Then, find a cloak hood (part #30381), similar to what is included with this version of Robin:  


LEGO Robin, with Hooded Cloak


LEGO Robin, with Hooded Cloak[/caption]   Finally, locate a purple lego and torso combo, and add the minifigure face for Spooky Girl from Lego Minifigure Series 12:  


That is about as close as we could get.  What about you?  Do you have an idea for Raven that would work as well?  If so, post it in the comments or share it with us on facebook!   

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