Remodel and Review: Attack On Avengers Tower (Set 76038)

Happy Friday, LEGO Friends!

Today, we are taking a trip into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today's post is all about a brand new set, just introduced for 2015. LEGO's new Marvel Superheroes themed Attack on Avengers Tower!

This set was officially released on March 1st, but honestly, it captured our attention last year, when pics were leaked that featured almost all of the upcoming 2015 sets.

Our first glimpse of the set came by the way of a close cropped snapshot of an early release catalog. Fortunately, we have better pics now. Check this set out:

icon icon

I'm sure you probably already suspect why this set would have captured our interest, considering its final form.  But hang on... We'll get to that! Let's start with a brief review of the set. First, have a look at the box. As you can see, it is called Attack on Avengers Tower icon.


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The set is advertised to include 515 parts, and features 5 minifigures. Among the 5 included minifigures you will find standard issue Thor and Iron-man. The Iron Man included here is Iron Man MK43. A black hair piece is included, so you can play with Iron Man as Tony Stark with his mask off. The remaining three LEGO Minifigures are Iron Legion (the set includes 2), and an Ultron MK1. If you are unfamiliar with the MK nomenclature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MK1 means this is Ultron Mark 1, or Ultron version 1. If you have seen the preview, this version of Ultron is the battle damaged Ultron that comes limping out of Tony Stark's lab to confront the Avengers.


LEGO Ultron MK1


Here is the reverse side of Ultron, where you can see that this minifigure head piece includes printing on the reverse side as well.

LEGO Ultron MK1 reverse side


In the image below, we show you an Iron Legion beside Ultron MK1. If you look closely, it is clear that Ultron MK1 is a battle damaged Iron Legion.

LEGO Ultron MK1 and Iron Legion Side by side

The iron legion figures feature a dark blue and gold Iron Man mask, with a white minifig leg and torso that each feature printed patterns. The torso features a prominent Avengers 'A' logo.

Iron Legion Front

The iron legion minifigs also feature printing on their backside.

Iron Legion back


The minifigure head on each Iron Legion lego minifigure is a tansparent orange head, with orange printed dots on one side. You can barely see them in this image, but we include it for reference.

Iron Legion transparent head

Moving on to the primary build and parts inventory, we found a few things worthy of your attention. We'll just list them here in a brief bullet point checklist: - Thor's Cape appears to be made with a new material. It feels like cotton and is much smoother to the touch, and more flexible than previous cape versions. We hope this will make the cape less prone to permanent wrinkling. - It appears as though the avengers raided a Lego Friends set for there medical bay. The set includes part #6003298, which is a light blue injection syringe.

Iron Legion back


- It is hard to find this much transparent blue in one set! If you are thinking about a skyscraper, pick up several of these! The build itself is fun enough, but what we love most is the abundant inclusion of play features on the finished set. The tower itself is built with a swinging door, so the tower swings open to reveal its interior levels. Inside you will find the medical bay, lab, computer room and even a penthouse level lounge! The set also features break away windows, fold out panels form the mechanical bay, and balcony mounted guns! This a cool set with tons of great features, and 5 great minifigures. The LEGO list price is $59.99, which makes it a great value as well. Now, what did we do with it once we had in hand? Glad you asked!!! One of our favorite pasttimes is creating LEGO brick built lamps. When we first saw Avengers Tower, we couldn't wait to get one in our work shop to tinker with. What we came up with is a play feature packed lamp, that we hope you will get a kick out of! Check it out below. The lamp we built is about 18 inches high, and features a silver bulb socket with pull chain.

LEGO Avengers Tower Lamp Conversion

The tower balcony flips up to reveal mounted cannons!

LEGO Avengers Tower Armed Balcony

If you look closer, the pics below show the balcony and mechanic bay more clearly.

LEGO Avengers Tower Lamp play features exterior

When opened, the interior is fully revealed! LEGO Avengers Tower Lamp play features interior


We will need to find an Avengers themed Lamp to finish this one off. Or make our own! We hope you found this mini review helpful! We would love to hear your thoughts about our Avengers Tower remodel in the comments below! -Brian from

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