Custom Built T-Rex Lamp, with Jurassic World Park Gate

Here is a fun project we just completed for a young fellow who is moving into a new home in June.  His mother contacted us to inquire if we could make him something special for his new bedroom, perhaps in a dinosaur theme.  We proposed building a LEGO Lamp in a Jurassic World theme, and she loved the idea!  You can see the finished project below.  

This lamp features a custom 'Jurassic World' sticker, green LEGO plants / foliage, a functioning brown gate, and a T-Rex, naturally.  We used the T-Rex from set #75918, the T-Rex Tracker set.  

What do you think?  Will it be a hit with this young LEGO fan?  We certainly hope so! 

Jurassic World LEGO Lamp with T-Rex from Set 75918




If you are interested in building your own lamp with LEGO bricks from your personal collection - why not start with our DIY LEGO Lamp Wiring kit?    

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