Carnival Fantasy features a LEGO Model of Itself Onboard

Cruise liner, the Carnival Fantasy, features a fairly impressive LEGO model on-board.  The model  is actually a large scale model of the ship itself!  



Being on vacation, I did not have anything other than my smart phone to capture a few photos, so I do not have exact measurements, but this thing is epic!   The boat is displayed in a glass enclosure on the public interior shopping level, and features only a LEGO logo on the case.  There are no notes regarding who built it, parts count, or even when it was built.  Does anyone out there know?   Here is a close up of the ships hull that also shows you the water technique employed by the designer.  They used a layer of blue, white and transparent plates to create a calm ocean surface with some slight rippling.   


LEGO Carnival Fantasy Hull


For more pictures of the decks, aft, and bow, have a peek at the gallery included below.  Enjoy, friends!    


LEGO Carnival Fantasy

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